Understanding Mediation In New Jersey

Divorces do not always have to involve fighting in the courtroom. Some couples may choose to have a mediated divorce instead. Through mediation, couples are allowed to negotiate their divorce terms on their own, outside of court in a less formal atmosphere.

I am attorney Diana L. Marin. At my law firm, I recognize that mediation provides numerous benefits. In many cases, it is the best alternative dispute resolution method for individuals throughout New Jersey who are seeking a resolution to all types of family law disputes.

What Are The Financial Benefits?

Mediation has become a popular method for divorcing couples. A large share of its popularity comes from parties' overall ability to save money.

In traditional divorce litigation, each spouse must pay their separate attorney fees. Court proceedings can be lengthy as spouses pursue their objectives and await results. The costs of litigation can add up over this period, leaving fewer financial resources for each former spouse.

With the help of a divorce mediator, couples often resolve their family law issue much faster than a judge can. This allows them to pay lesser legal fees as well as prioritize certain valuable assets over others.

Would Mediation Lead To Different Case Results?

There is no way to know exactly what your divorce outcome would be with litigation — which is why mediation can be a powerful tool. A judge who knows next to nothing about a person's personal situation might not reach the same decision that a couple might make for themselves. Therefore, mediating divorce can empower couples to retain privacy and control over their case.

As your lawyer, I will advocate on your behalf to negotiate a settlement that suits your needs.

Guidance From An Experienced Attorney

I have over 20 years of family law experience. I understand what it takes to reach a successful agreement through mediation. My office supports families in Morris County, Essex County, Bergen County and Passaic County, New Jersey.

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We can discuss in more detail the benefits of mediation or the traditional divorce process.