Post-Divorce Services

Getting divorced is often like "postoperative" recovery after surgery. There are additional issues that often need to be resolved.

I am family law attorney Diana L. Marin. I help individuals throughout the state of New Jersey, including Morris County, Essex County, Bergen County and Passaic County, New Jersey, resolve family law matters — and those that often arise after a divorce.

Property Concerns After Divorce

After your divorce, you may need a lawyer to coordinate real estate services. If you need help finding a new residence or need assistance selling or vacating your former family residence, I can help you get started.

If you need help with title transfers, property liquidation and other processes relating to real estate, I can help you find the resources you need to resolve these matters.

Updating Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan should always reflect your current wishes. After a divorce, you may no longer want a former spouse to have the level of control over your assets and medical care that they once had during your marriage.

If you need legal assistance modifying an estate plan, I can help coordinate and participate in any post-divorce estate planning services aimed to give you comprehensive legal protection through:

  • Naming new beneficiaries of insurance policies
  • Creating wills or trusts to avoid intestate laws
  • Granting powers of attorney or selecting a new trustee
  • Appointing alternative guardians for children
  • Officially placing all properties you own in your name

One-Stop Shop Service That Saves You Money And Time

Hiring a different law firm to handle personal matters related to a divorce can be expensive — and time-consuming. Rather than working with a different attorney for each new issue, my firm can offer you a one-stop shop for your divorce and related services.

Whether you need help updating your will, selling your home or establishing a new guardianship, I can provide the guidance and direction you need.

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