Experienced Family Law Assistance For Individuals With Family Businesses Or Rotating Work Shifts

In today's 21st-century world, many workers do not work a traditional 9-to-5 shift. Emergency responders, medical professionals, police officers, night shift workers, like restaurant employees and traveling executives — to name a handful — often work nontraditional work schedules, odd or on-call shifts.

A closely held family business also presents unique situations and issues, both in its financial structure and on-time requirements and restraints. A family business can impact parenting time schedules and support arrangements that the courts are ill equipped to deal with and fully understand.

Nontraditional work hours for rotating shift workers and business owners often make parenting time difficult to manage for single parents undergoing a divorce.

A Personal Understanding

I am family law attorney Diana L. Marin, and I handle family law matters for Morris County, Essex County, Bergen County and Passaic County, New Jersey.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be for individuals working nontraditional work schedules to be away from their family during the holidays and weekends. I have family members who have served in both law enforcement and the military, as well as medical professionals (nurses) and small-business owners in the food service industry. I also know that you can still be a loving, attentive parent despite the demands of a career.

If you do not work a typical 9-5 work shift and need help resolving a custody or visitation arrangement, I can help develop a creating parenting plan for your situation.

Finding The Right Parenting Time With Rotating Work Shifts And Unconventional Schedules

As your lawyer, I will work to find a solution that suits you and your child and, together, consider options that fit your circumstances.

During my 20-plus years of family law experience, I have seen parents succeed with a wide variety of schedule combinations such as:

  • Alternating weeks or weekends
  • Weekdays when a parent is off work
  • Switching parenting time every few months, usually if parents live far apart
  • Summer or other seasonal vacations
  • Evenings or time after school
  • Holidays and birthdays

My goal is to help you pursue a workable agreement with the other parent through negotiations, mediation or, if necessary, litigation.

The Need To Modify An Existing Parenting Plan

In some cases, demanding jobs require the need to modifying an existing child visitation or custody agreement. If your job schedule changes or if you obtain a new job, I can help you pursue a modification.

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