Distinct Change In Circumstances Post Divorce

One thing all of us can attest to: life is always changing and throwing us curveballs.

For divorcing parents, signing that final divorce decree is far from final. Sometimes, divorce agreements need to be modified and reworked to reflect present-day circumstances.

This can apply for those who have been divorced for one year or divorced for 10 years.

Not-So-Obvious Reasons Couples Need To Modify Divorce Agreements

I am family law attorney Diana L. Marin. For 20 years, I have helped individuals throughout New Jersey modify divorce agreements due to substantial change in circumstances.

There are countless reasons why people may need to modify their original settlement agreement, many of which are not anticipated, like the following:

A Job Relocation

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever. The number of employees relocating across the country has and continues to increase each year.

Whether it's due to job loss or a different career opportunity, many divorced parents simply cannot pass up the opportunity to move — which poses the need to modify an existing child custody or parenting time schedule.

Blending Families

Blending families also may trigger the need to modify an existing divorce agreement. When two individuals form a relationship and each has minor children from a prior marriage, revisiting an existing divorce agreement is often necessary.

The need to alter visitation schedules is one common reason. Additional children in the household often means time constraints on extracurricular activities, summer vacation and holiday schedules. In the event a party decides to remarry, existing spousal support provided to that party may need to be altered or discontinued.

Further, couples who opt to marry and have children from a prior marriage also need to consider adjusting existing estate plans.

College And Related Matters

Teenagers have different needs than toddlers. College and associated expenses is one example.

Many divorced parents who have been on autopilot for so long find themselves faced with the prospect of their child turning 18 and heading to college. The financial aspects of college and who pays for it often trigger the need to modify a divorce agreement, particularly for parents with a special needs teen who will need certain accommodations.

For divorced parents with young adults already attending college, a modification may be necessary if, for example, the student is exhibiting poor academic performance and needs to consider other higher education opportunities, such as the free community college tuition offered to New Jersey residents.

Help From A Parent Facilitator

If your life circumstances have changed — perhaps years after you executed your original agreement — I can help you seek a modification.

As a divorced parent, I know firsthand the unexpected issues that can arise as your child grows and life changes. With two decades of experience as a lawyer and parent educator, I have counseled many parents just like you who are seeking family law guidance.

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